Interview with Mellow lover stylish Victoria from Ukraine

Interview with Mellow lover stylish Victoria from Ukraine

Our first blog guest is Victoria Brovarets from Kiev, Ukraine. She is a fashion blogger behind the blog 'The White Fashion' and columnist at She loves fashion and style which is a way to show what she's feeling right now. She will be happy if people on Earth cease to be like how everyone, and will become self-expressive in style and are not afraid to experiment with clothing. She think that life is so fleeting, so why deprive yourself of such pleasure?! Victoria dreams to inspire all women to be bolder and brighter. So, let’s get to know her better, shall we?

What is a woman’s best friend?

Love. Happy. 
And really quality wardrobe, I mean the one in which all things are combined with one another and one, that allows you to play with outfits, from cheeky, to gentle and feminine, because the mood of a woman is unpredictable.

100% black or 95% and 5% colours?
One color is boring, a mix of colors or prints will give an opportunity to define your own style

3 trends you don’t like?
Unnatural beauty. Big asses. Hypertrophied shoulders in clothes.

fashion blogger's ootd with chanel belt and Mellow by Melita rus rings

Do you consider yourself stylish or fashionable? Why?
I like to think that I find a balance between stylish and fashionable

Who inspires you to live, learn and feel fullfilled?
My husband, my son and my work.

What do you think courage is? What is the bravest thing you have done in your life?Courage when you leave the comfort zone to do what you feel your true destiny. For example, when you change the career of a financier to work in the fashion industry - this is my bold move, which I did not spare a single day.

fashion blogger wears Mellow jewelry and red coatfashion trend stylist details

How do you think courage reflects in fashion?
For me, fashion and courage are synonymous. To be fashionable, you need to be brave!

What’s your favorite phrase to live by?
«The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff» Carl Sagan

What would you like to wish, tell or advise to every girl?
The main thing - is to find your happiness: in work, in love, in the lifestyle... believe, this feeling combined with self-confidence will open up to you great opportunities. 
And never give up, because you are stronger than you think!

fashion blogger from ukraine wears cocola t-shirt and Mellow jewelleryfashion blogger and her outfit of the day with Mellow by Melita Rus jewellery



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