Collection: (Your) leathery reality

The collection (Your) leathery reality  is like a manifesto, exploring details of the mundane and the limiting tightness of societal norms, but also the vastness of inner power. This jewellery invites us to experience it as an integral part of our everyday life and personality. Like a second skin. Like a daily reality. Our faithful routine companion, travelling together and blurring all internal and external boundaries between what’s “appropriate” and what’s not, gently dispersing these constraints. This jewellery invites us to feel that we are part of a whole, experiencing recurrent happenings and sensations, difficulties, the weariness and charm of monotony, and a change of attitude towards our bodies and ourselves. We are all experiencing our own unique realities and daily routines, but at the same time are all interconnected, alike and repetitive. We are constantly in search of forms of freedom and lightness that would make it easier to be and survive in the current times—when digitisation is doing the exact opposite, imprisoning us in a false reality. Each piece of jewellery thus becomes like a reminder of the simplicity of the mundane, of the cyclical nature of day and night, and of the fact that in reality we are all the same, equal, and face the same kinds of ease and unease.