I always questioned what will become of me..
Suddenly, I realised that my Mellow life was based on several beliefs:
The boundaries of the world have vanished
We visit each other's countries and excange culture because we love to give and to get.
We do not divide ourselves into any separate groups because it suddenly makes no sense anymore.
We can work from any place in the world.
We judge the beauty and the value not by the number of the carats or hallmark but by what it stands for
We taste life as long as it tastes, when it stops we change the necessary ingredients
We open our minds as wide as we can and stick all these Mellow experiences that made us change into one.  
We take the strongest base that we can find for all of these experiences and lock them safely. If it is made of cement or screws that is even better, will last forever and will be passed to future Mellow generations.  It may look ordinary but once you have a better look you will see that this is something you never seen before. Unique because it is, it is someone’s Mellow life journey locked on a chain. 

Life is a journey - only you hold the map.  Dare to wear your Mellow!

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