Creative soul with pink hair living in her own beautiful world. Let's meet talented Auste!

Creative soul with pink hair living in her own beautiful world. Let's meet talented Auste!

Auste Dzikaraite is a creative soul with pink hair living in her own beautiful world as she says. She’s a graphic design student designing web sites and other digital things, as well as making illustrations for one beautiful project called “Myliu Nida” (trans. I love Nida).

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What is a girl’s best friend?
Books. Imagination. It’s not only girl’s best friends. It should be everyone’s best friends. Once you make friends with them, you start getting to know yourself better and you become your own best friend.

100% black ir 95% black and 5% colours?
95/5 because contrasts and combinations stimulate better.

3 trends that you don’t like?
I don’t like that everyone’s being so similar, trying to be something they’re not. Also, overdone hipster individuality. Everyone is such an individualist these days, that we can’t communicate to each other anymore. Everyone is just complaining about the world and unfairness. Talking about fashion, I love all trends, because they show the dynamics and variety. 

Do you consider yourself stylish or fashionable? Why?
My comprehension of style is related to my taste of aesthetics. I like to thoroughly combine everything that it looks cohesive, aesthetically pleasing, but not necessarily fashionable. I don’t try to avoid mass fashion trends, instead of running away from them I use them according to my taste.

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What inspires you to live?
Books, culture, city, people, relationships. Simple everyday things, but at the same time I’m very careful not to drown in the mundane life.

What do you think is courage and what is the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?
Being yourself and doing what you want. Taking decisions for your own self good, not for others. Don’t try to fit yourself into a perfect frame. The most courageous thing I’ve ever done was showing my art to the world. For a long time I only did it for myself and no one ever saw it, because I thought that no one cared about it, but now I know that there are people interested in it, and I feel quite comfortable sharing my work with other people.

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How does courage show in fashion?
Experimenting, interpreting, looking to things from a different perspective. Even though, I’m not sure if it’s courage or just creativity. Of course, you need to have a little bit of courage to wear unusual clothes or die your hair bold colours, which I experienced myself, but once you get used to it, you realise it’s not so scary. 

Your life motto.
Honesty and diplomacy open all doors.

What would you like to wish to other girls? 
Free yourself from the norms and standards. Stop trying to please other people’s eyes. 

We definitely recommend you to check her works here:


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