Vaidile and her world full of magic!

Vaidile and her world full of magic!

We are super excited finally to present you one of the most feminine Lithuanian MELLOW by Melita Rus jewellery lover Vaidile! She is a full time traveler, capturing world's beauty on instagram @vstarkute (you definitely should follow her Instagram!).  Inspired by astrology, art, classical music and people Vaidile is also a proud mellow lover! So let your curiosity lead you - read the article below!

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What is a womans best friend?
Lingerie, perfume and a good book.

100% black, or 95%black and 5%Colors?
95% pastel colors and a little bit of black. My black color obsession shifted into various pastel colors, interesting fabrics and patterns.

do you consider yourself stylish or fashionable?
Probably stylish. Well I don’t think much about that. What I always try to express with my outfits is minimalistic, pure colors and an interesting beauty in details.

what inspires you to live, learn and feel full filed?
People.  Everyone that I have met while traveling, living, studying and working abroad and in Lithuania, I have read about in art and music history, literature classes, I have grown up with, especially my mom, dad and sister.

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what do you think is courage? What is the bravest thing you have ever done in your life?
Start doing/learning something new and having enough patience and stubbornness to master it.  So, I have tried to kind of put all my memories in order and then dig out the bravest thing I have ever done, but everything naturally leads to one big decision, which I have made at the very beginning of my ‘almost independent’ life - my studies. My decision to study a subject I had absolutely nothing common with and take it as a challenge. Now, when all the memories are passing by, it seems to be the ‘big bang’ , the beginning of my traveling, studying and living in quite a lot of countries and a reason I am surrounded by the most inspiring and interesting people.

How do you think courage reflects in fashion?
Knowing what fits your, what reflects your personality and proudly wearing it. 

Whats your favorite phrase to live by?
The world is full of magic.

What you like to wish, tell or advise to every girl?
If some things don’t go the way you have imagined, don’t panic, the dreams are coming true, maybe just in an unexpected way.
Believe in magical surprises.

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