Have you met Egidijus Krocas - one of the most charming make up artists in Lithuania?

Have you met Egidijus Krocas - one of the most charming make up artists in Lithuania?

Have you met Egidijus Krocas - one of the most charming make up artists in the whole universe? If you haven't yet, you MUST read this interview with him !

make up artist wearing mellow

1.What is a woman’s best friend?
I hope that every girl who looks into a mirror can find a best friend and never an enemy in the reflection, in the depth of the gaze. She will never betray you and will take care of you. She will embrace you when you’re sad and keep you warm. And of course, added to all of that, there will also be those rare evenings with a glass of wine and bold lipstick – your secret weapon.

2.3 trends you don’t like.
“Feathered eyebrows”, colourful freckles, permanent make-up with blue, red, and green shades.


3.Introduce yourself. Who are you? What do you do on this Earth?
My name is Egidijus Krocas and I’m a make-up artist born and raised in the small provincial town of Kybartai.  Small town – big dreams. For the last year, I’ve been living on all things make-up; I entered the fashion and make-up world more than two years ago and now my life is full of beauty that I thrive on when I drink my morning coffee or eat a croissant at a small café downtown.

make up artist wearing mellow wear

4.Do you consider yourself stylish or fashionable? Why?
Probably being as stylish as possible, since I enjoy dressing the way I like and don’t pay much attention to trends. Sometimes simply comfortably, sometimes – in a more classic style. During summer, I prefer southern style – khaki-coloured shorts and a classic white t-shirt, while I enjoy seeing myself look more bohemian in the fall: more colours, more vintage pieces.

5.Who inspires you to live, learn and feel fullfilled?
Traveling, new places, unexpected and colourful friendships. Wine and parties in an unfamiliar city or country; unforgettable moments. All of that gives me a taste for life, a thirst for it. Life with the capital “l”, that is.

6.What do you think is courage? What is the bravest thing you have done in your life?
To accept myself and not be afraid of doing so. To embrace myself with a naked soul and love myself the way I am, no matter what. The bravest thing I’ve done in my life. Hmm… Perhaps walking in heels in the streets of London at night?

make up artist wearing mellow wear

7.How do you think courage reflects in fashion?
Through creative avant-garde work which will become the present in the future.

8.What’s your favorite phrase to live by?
Live in such a way that not a single day goes to waste. I’m still learning that one.

9.What would you like to wish, tell or advise to every girl?
Love yourself in the morning, with your eyes a bit puffy and your hair all a mess. Love yourself with breasts that perhaps are not too big or a body that isn’t the size S. Yourself with freckles, given to you by the kisses of the sun, with a pimple on your forehead. Love yourself just the way you are because ultimately that is the real you. Sadly, that’s the only you’re missing sometimes – knowing how amazing and beautiful you truly are.

10.Favourite song for this moment?
Cigarettes After Sex - K.


make up artist wearing mellow jewelry

make up artist wearing mellow jewelry





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