She is talented photographer, crazy about bikes and adore animals - meet Egle!

She is talented photographer, crazy about bikes and adore animals - meet Egle!


1.What is a woman’s best friend?
I’m one of those girls who adore animals; I love them so much I could scream! My best friend is my malinois Voltas. Everyone wants to meet him!

girl with malinois dog

girl with dogs

 2.100% black or 95% and 5% colours?
I couldn’t make up my mind between black and white. I once thought of starting to dress like Cruella de Vil – she’s one of the most iconic characters ever created!

 3.3 trends you don’t like.
Fashion is such a potent thing that if I like something I see somewhere, I can wear it myself the very next day! To be honest, though, I’ve never liked asymmetric haircuts and I don’t think I will ever like them.

 4.Introduce yourself. Who are you? What do you do on this Earth?
I take pictures of absolutely everything. Partly with my camera, partly mentally. I take pictures of stories, emotions, adventures, missteps, sleepless nights, friends – everything. I’m part of the creative duo “Nepilkas Vilkas”. I live on all things visual. I’m crazy about bike and car trips. I’m at a time in my life where I want to experience, see, get to know, and achieve everything that I can and never stop moving forward. 

 5.Do you consider yourself stylish or fashionable? Why?
I think of myself as stylish, although I do not follow trends. Beautiful and cute things appear in my closet quite spontaneously: after a random visit to a second-hand shop or when my mom decides to sew something for me. I never want to be yet another “H&M” or “Zara” clone – I don’t like to see things repeated in the outfits of others. Then again, there are always those days when you simply want to fit in with the crowd… On the whole, though, I really enjoy people telling me “hey, your outfit is so peculiar!”

 6.Who inspires you to live, learn and feel fullfilled?
I’m so inspired by the stories of people, no matter how sad, shocking or hilarious they are, regardless of the age of their protagonists. I allow those stories to enter me and then I take from then whatever I need most at that moment. J Often others get annoyed at how quiet I am, but I enjoy being a listener. J

 7.What do you think is courage? What is the bravest thing you have done in your life?
I think one of the bravest things I’ve ever done was deciding to move from the capital to my hometown of Kaunas. I’m really nervous and excited about it J I also had a huge fear of heights, but I’m planning to try bungee jumping! Everything else is in the past.


8.How do you think courage reflects in fashion?
Dress the way you want and don’t pay any attention to whether people like your outfit or not. Would life be interesting if all of us wore the same clothes from the mall?

 9.What’s your favorite phrase to live by?
It might sound like a bookish cliché, but I think we spend more energy into rejecting ideas than trying to put them into action. Nothing is impossible. You have to believe in what you do, give it 110 percent, and then you will see it flourishing!

                    street fashion

10.What would you like to wish, tell or advise to every girl?
Don’t be afraid to stand out. Don’t be scared of your friends smirking at you or flat out misunderstanding you. The opinions of others often become obstacles that stop us from moving forward. Sometimes we don’t even notice how we start to move in the wrong direction. In the end, you will find people who get you and the friends who once laughed at you will secretly get their inspiration from you!

11.Favourite song, piece of music or band?
Quite a few people already know this, but I heard a song of a person with this beautiful voice and then I started looking for more of HIS songs. However, it turned out that the person signing the song was actually a woman, Izo FitzRoy. I’ve only been listening to her for a week or so. See, I listen to music all the time – it’s my kind of caffeine.


                    street fashion style



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