Interview with Ieva Ukanyte From the Garden Eden

Interview with Ieva Ukanyte From the Garden Eden

Ieva Ukanyte is a Lithuanian fashion blogger @ivoblog ( and a fashion and portrait photographer based in Milan currently enjoying sunny days and taking pictures there.
Let's get to know her better!

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What’s a woman’s best friend?

Jewelry, perfume and smells in general.

100% black or 95% black and 5% colors?

95% black ad 5% colors! That 5% are quite bold colors.

Do you consider yourself stylish or fashionable?

Stylish, because I couldn’t tell you what’s in fashion right now. Honestly, I don’t think that fashion trends exist anymore. Well, they exist at some level, but actually now anything can be fashionable. I think that style is more important anyway, because it defines not only your outfit, but your lifestyle too.

What inspires you to live, learn and feel fulfilled?

I feel the best when I get a good sleep, eat delicious food and do what I love. Everything starts with the little things.

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What do you think is courage? What is the bravest thing you have ever done in your life?

Courage is being yourself everywhere at all times. It is being alive and living the life where you don’t run from your fares but you face them. Big life changes are always scary, and my moving to another country might look really brave to a lot of people, but to me staying in your comfort looks much scarier.

How do you think courage reflects in fashion?

I think that you need to have a lot of courage to present the simplest things to the world. On one hand, it looks safe, but you’re risking to be called boring and not innovative enough, which is way worse that being over the top and extravagant, because these people always get a second chance.

What’s your favorite phrase to live by?

‘To love and passion!’

What would you like to wish, tell or advise to every girl?

Probably the same I wish for myself – love and passion, because what else do we actually need? :)

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